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Here’s another reason why smoking is bad (as if we need more reasons).  I was out walking my dog, and I always walk past a city bus stop.  Each day I walk by and am amazed at the number of extinguished cigarette butts people stuff in the sign post (through the holes) as they put their smoke out before getting on the bus.  Apparently, when you stuff a lot of flammable objects into a tightly contained area with exposure to a constant flow of oxygen and you introduce something burning it catches fire!

A lady driving by stopped and stared in amazment, asking me if it was a metal post on fire.  I told her yeah, some genius put his cigarette out in the post.  I ran to get water from my place (around the corner), came back with a quart of water in two sport bottles, and by this time flames were coming out of the post.  I started to saturate the fire, and it was so hot you could hear sizzling, and at some point the tip of my bottle got so close to the metal post it started to melt!  I used both pints (1 qt) of water to ensure it was completely saturated.  Couldn’t stir it up to get the hot spots…because it’s IN THE METAL POST.

Come on people…if you have to smoke, crush it out in the street or on the bottom of your shoe.  Don’t put it out in a post ON THE GRASS!

Eric Oszakiewski

Eric Oszakiewski is a professional software developer based in Scottsdale, AZ with over 38 years of software development experience, and 13 years SharePoint experience. He is currently working as a .Net/SharePoint Platform Engineer for General Motors.