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I recently encountered an issue where I hadn’t created an SSIS package in a while, and when I opened BIDS 2005 and said “Create New Project”, after naming the project and proceeding it barked at me, saying “Failed to save package file with error 0x080040155 ‘Interface not registered’. Turns out somehow my MSXML assembly files got unregistered. The way to fix this that worked for me, was to re-register msxml3.dll, msxml4.dll and msxml6.dll. Some said to just do 3 and 6, which would probably work, but it doesn’t hurt to register all three anyway. That did the trick!

Eric Oszakiewski

Eric Oszakiewski is a professional software developer based in Scottsdale, AZ with over 38 years of software development experience, and 13 years SharePoint experience. He is currently working as a .Net/SharePoint Platform Engineer for General Motors.

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  1. Open a command prompt and type in regsvr32 msxml3.dll and hit enter. Then do the same for the other library files. You should get a “registered successfully” message each time. If not make sure you have the library files in your C:WindowsSystem32 path.

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