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If you attended my session on Connecting a SharePoint list to a SQL table for CRUD ops, thank you for coming! If you missed it, or if you wanted to review it again, my girlfriend was kind enough to record it for everyone! The projector can be difficult to see due to room lighting, but you can always follow along with the slide deck. Both are included in this post:

Slide deck

Eric Oszakiewski

Eric Oszakiewski is a professional software developer based in Scottsdale, AZ with over 38 years of software development experience, and 13 years SharePoint experience. He is currently working as a .Net/SharePoint Platform Engineer for General Motors.

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  1. Eric, thanks for the presentation – it has really filled the gap for addressing platform integration for us. I already have plans to use this to access data for our GIS system and some key SQL databases. Excellen solution.

    Keep Sharing.

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