Grab Me Booty!

Grab Me Booty!

Avast! Come play grab me booty!

Dig for Billy Bones treasure by touching the x’s in the sand. Find three treasure chests to win the round and advance to the next!

Be warned, ye may find other treasure in the sand also! Ye never know what ye may find!

Thar be crabs hiding in the sand as well, find five of them buggers before ye find 3 chests and yer done for! If ye found a bomb, use it to destroy a crab to give you more room to find more treasure!

Grab Me Booty is a simple random number generator that gets progressively more difficult as you go. Your chances of getting three chests before 5 crabs becomes less and less each round. By the time of this writing, no one has made it past level 10 (not even the developer)! No matter how high up you go, there will always be at least 3 treasure chests somewhere in the sand each round. You can also use bombs in your inventory (or “booty”) to blow up some of the crabs, giving you more opportunity to find treasure!

Ranks are based on the number of chests you find over time. The more you play, the higher you’ll move up in rank.

There are more than treasure chests and crabs in the sand. Various artifacts include (but aren’t limited to) a pyramid, anchor or shovel! There’s other stuff in there too. Keep digging and collecting “booty”! Good luck!