My Daily Bread

My Daily Bread

Did you know you can read the entire Bible in one year, and it only takes about 10 minutes a day! My Daily Bread provides a daily schedule of three short sections of the Bible to read each day, and automatically updates with a new section daily. Reading each of the three short sections will ultimately lead to you having read the entire Bible in one year!

My Daily Bread delivers your daily scheduled passages using the English Standard Version of the Bible.

You can share what you’re reading today by clicking the Share button. It will open your device’s sharing dialog, letting you choose the application to share to or simply copy to clipboard and paste it wherever you like.

You can also submit a Prayer Request! We get together weekly for prayer and fellowship, and pray over a common prayer list. You can submit your prayer requests to our list anonymously and we will pray over your requests along with the rest of the list. Names and locations aren’t important, God knows the needs of His children, and will hear and respond according to His will and His plan. We simply lift those prayers up to Him, and we’re happy to do it!

You can also have today’s passages read to you! Click or Tap the speaker/play icon (device specific) to hear that passage read to you. Note this uses your device’s Text-To-Speech engine, so depending on your settings you may need to change the voice (Windows Settings – Accessibility – Narrator, unsure if this is possible in Android). We’re working on a custom pronunciation library that works alongside your narrator and built into the app. This will help with mispronounced common words we notice while using the app, and this library will grow over the next year or more. Please feel free to email us if you notice a word is not being pronounced properly.

For Android, you have the ability to switch reading modes from Dark to Light, depending on your preferences, and you can also change the font size (Large, Normal, Small) to assist with reading. This is coming soon for Windows.

Location services are used in the app for getting an idea of where the app is being used. These results are shown on a global map with the last rolling 30 days’ worth of data. Device information or other personal information is not stored, just a date, device type (Android or Windows) and coordinates. We do not and would never give or sell this information to anyone. Coordinates are sent to our private API over an encrypted connection. Here’s an example of the map:

Now is the time to get closer to God by immersing yourself in His Word. Spend only 10 minutes a day and see for yourself how your life will change!