My Fortune Cookie Jar gives you a random fortune from an actual fortune cookie that was acquired at an authentic Asian restaurant! Over the past 20 years, Lauri (my girlfriend) has kept every fortune she received from every fortune cookie she was given while eating out at Asian restaurants all over the United States. This app is a repository of all of those fortunes, and now they are being shared with everyone!

Touch/click the cookie in the middle of the screen to hear and see it crack open and reveal your fortune! You can even see a picture of the real fortune as it was being entered in the database, including any “lucky numbers” or “learn Chinese” text on the back in some cases! Open as many different fortune cookies as you like by clicking the menu button on your Android device and choose “New Cookie”! See how many different fortunes you can get! You can also submit your own fortunes to the database to share with everyone, including an image of the fortune and the location!