Clear out old selections from “Choose a Dataset” in ReportBuilder 3

Clear out old selections from “Choose a Dataset” in ReportBuilder 3

While working with ReportBuilder 3 there are times when we will move datasets around in SSRS, and old choices made when users connect to those datasets while using ReportBuilder 3 are invalid or just not there.  But the choices remain in ReportBuilder 3!  When you want to connect to these datasets, which may have the same name but just be in a different place, it’s frustrating for both the user and you.  Here’s how to remove those old dataset pointers/shortcuts from the “Choose a DataSet” window:

  • Navigate to C:users<username>AppDataLocalMicrosoftReport Builder10.50.0.0
  • Locate the user.config file and open in notepad.
  • About halfway down you will find the <RecentItem> elements under <RecentDataSets>.  Remove the entire element you don’t want in there anymore.  Note the path under the ItemPath attribute in each element to make sure you remove the correct ones.
  • Save the file and restart ReportBuilder 3


4 thoughts on “Clear out old selections from “Choose a Dataset” in ReportBuilder 3

  1. I see an option “Clear all recent item lists” under options of report builder, which does the same thing.
    Hope this helps.

    1. But I could not figure out a way to clear the list from BIDS.
      Please share if you know.

      1. For recently used projects, go to Start->Run->Regedit and navigate to the following:

        and delete whichever ones you want removed, the go to:

        and do the same.

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