Enabling editing of SQL 2000 DTS in SSMS 2008 R2

Enabling editing of SQL 2000 DTS in SSMS 2008 R2

We have some old SQL 2000 DTS Packages that we still maintain, and I’m not continuing to install SQL Enterprise Manager on future versions of my OS just to edit these things, I should be able to edit them in SSMS right?  Well, yes, but it requires a couple of steps, that so far in my Google research is never complete…it’s always a part of the entire solution. (PINTA) Well, here’s the entire solution:

First, go to http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=11988 and download/install the SQLServer2005_BC.msi file (unless you can find it on your SQL 2008 R2 CD, it’s in <Drive>:<lang_code><proc type>Setup<proc type>)

Stay on that site and download/install the SQLServer2005_DTS.msi file.

Finally, (thanks to this MSDN discussion) check the PATH variable in your system settings by clicking the Start button, locate Computer, right-click and choose Properties.  Click Advanced System Settings.  On the System Properties window, click Environment Variables.  In the Environment Variables window, in the System Variables section locate the PATH (may be lowercase) variable, and change it to one of the following:

For a 32 bit machine, make sure both of these paths appear in the list and in this order:

C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server80ToolsBinn
C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100ToolsBinn

If it’s a 64 bit machine, you only need this one:

C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft SQL Server80ToolsBinn

Restart SSMS and that should do it!

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