Visual Studio language support for C# not installed

Visual Studio language support for C# not installed

What?  I just get a new dev laptop (yeah, pretty proud myself, HP Pavilion dv7, triple-core i5, 6GB RAM, 640GB HD, 17.3″ display…) and I install VS 2008 and 2010, SQL, etc.  Start working on an existing website using VS 2008 and it says “Visual Studio language support for C# is not installed.  Code-editing Intellisense will not be available.  Markup Intellisense for server controls may not work”.  You gotta be kidding me…

So I hit the googleverse and attempt to find a solution, since I know I’m not the only one who’s ever seen this before.  One site discusses a guy who completely removed all things Microsoft, reinstalled everything and it worked……seriously?  Finally happened to find this one”, thankfully!  Post is a year old but was entirely helpful!

All I did was close VS 2008, open a run prompt and type devenv /resetskippkgs and hit enter. VS 2008 opens and everything appears fine, but Intellisense is still missing.

I opened it in VS 2010 and Intellisense is fine.  I learned my lesson about hanging on to old technology…

Thank you!

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