Windows 8 on HP Pavilion dv7 laptop

Windows 8 on HP Pavilion dv7 laptop

I’m going to keep track of installs and changes here, in an effort to prepare for the Windows 8 public release to help others support their installs on their machines.  In my case, I’m installing Windows 8 on a VHD on the local HD, then booting to that VHD instead of my core OS.  This way I’m allocating 100% of my system hardware exclusively to that VHD as a partition.

Machine Specifications
HP Pavilion dv7 laptop
AMD Phenom II P860 Triple Core i5, 2.0GHz
720GB Hard Drive
Windows 7 SP1 core OS

Windows 8 Developer Preview
Improved boot time, lowered processor usage and RAM allocation, fan spins high and continuously.

Windows 8 RP
Same as above, and fan continues to spin continuously.  A lot of heat is being thrown out of the left side vents, chassis getting hot on the left side.  Modifying advanced power settings to adjust maximum processor usage makes no difference.

Windows 8 RTM
Same as Windows 8 RP, still having fan issues despite advanced power settings, stopping services/processes, etc.

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