Cooperative Cat

Cooperative Cat

DateTempWater tempPressureSolunarConditions
04/07/2023 6:00am51°45°29.915GoodClear

Coming on the heels of a peak fishing time but lacking the free time to actually go fishing, I figured I’d still give it a try. The weather is starting to warm up, it’s April, hopefully the catfish are waking up from Winter and looking for food. My daughter’s boyfriend @cre8ivetwo expressed interest in joining me which was a nice surprise! She wanted to stay behind this time.

I decided on Evelyn Hallman Pond and arrived at 6am, with the first line in the water at 6:15am. I managed to get the area set up for the both of us, got both of my lines in the water and within 10 minutes I had company. We worked together to get the remaining rod stands set up and arrange the equipment when one of my lines went off. The fish put up a slight struggle but gave up pretty easily. It ended up being a 17″, 2.20lb Channel Catfish, great color and markings, vigorous and healthy.

If you notice in the top image, he straightened himself out while I was measuring him! Very cooperative! The remainder of our trip was a lot of feeding the fish, watching the lines jerk around, and each of us catching a turtle. The weather was fantastic, slight breeze but water was mostly calm, plenty of birds all around, another beautiful fishing trip!

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