Error when removing InfoPath Form Template from MOSS 2007

Error when removing InfoPath Form Template from MOSS 2007

You may or may not have seen the following error message when trying to remove an InfoPath Form Template in Central Administration-Application Management-InfoPath Forms Services / Manage Form Templates:

“The timer job for the operation has been created. However, it cannot be run because the administrative service for this server is not enabled…”

In my case, this is due to Network restrictions. Although I’m a site collection admin and a Farm Admin, AND a local admin on the server (and it’s a dev server on top of that), I’m not a Domain Admin and neither is the service account for SharePoint, which causes a whole host of other problems. For those in that situation (and so I don’t forget how I did it so I can fix it again later) this is the solution to that issue.

The timer job may show up as “Failed”, but the event is still lingering in the database. It can be kicked off using the STSADM command as follows:

From the command line on the affected server, navigate to C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12bin and use the following command:

stsadm.exe -o execadmsvcjobs

This will launch all outstanding events the timer job tried to kick off but couldn’t, in the order they were received. In my case, I even discovered a few things that tried to launch on their own but couldn’t, like Anti-Virus updates and patches. Interesting. Hope this helps someone someday. It’ll at least help me again when I forget how I got it to work that one time. ; )

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