Display version number in Power Apps

Display version number in Power Apps

There’s lots of posts on this, but they seem to mostly point to something other than what I was looking for. Often times, when we as programmers/developers want to show a version number we’re referring to something like this:

Major.Minor.Revision(.Build) – ex:

It’s handy for many reasons, especially from an end-user perspective, to ensure the users are using the correct version of something we built! Power Apps maintains versions every time we edit the app. It date-stamps the version and also records the version of the web-based editor you were using at the time. But that’s it. No versioning like we’re used to. Many online examples try to use something like this:

                properties.displayName = "YourAppDisplayName",

Which returns the date for me, which is unhelpful. Or this:

CountRows(PowerAppsforMakers.GetAppVersions(First(Filter(PowerAppsforMakers.GetApps().value,properties.displayName = "version")).name).value)

Which flat out didn’t work for me, but in my experience referencing “version” will return the date…again.

This was the only way I could show the current version of my apps:


Maybe I missed something, but this one-liner is a lot shorter and cleaner to me. As always share if you have a better method!

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