Modify Title Logo link on master page

Modify Title Logo link on master page

    So, as I’m building out our company intranet in SharePoint 2010, I didn’t like the fact that when I was nested several pages deep in a particular site, when I clicked on the logo on the top left of the page it took me to the root of that particular site.  I figured it would take me to the “home” page, or the root site collection.  Turns out this is handled in the master page of that website.  Here’s how to change that:
  • In SharePoint Designer, open the website, then click on the Master Pages link in the Site Objects section on the left.
  • Locate the master page your site is using (in my case, it was v4.master) and click to open.
  • When the page opens, locate the Customization box and click “Edit file”
  • Scroll through the code until you see the first instance of the following element:

<SharePoint:SPLinkButton runat="server" NavigateUrl="~site/" id="onetidProjectPropertyTitleGraphic">

  • It’s about halfway down the page, in the HTML table cell with the CSS class of “s4-titlelogo”.  This is the element for the logo on the page, at the top left.  Normally, you click on that and it takes you to the main page of that particular site.  Well, if you want to go to the root of the site collection (or home page, or any page for that matter), just replace the ~site/ with the site of your choice!  Make sure it’s well-formed (http://server/site).
  • Save the file.  You may be prompted with a warning about deviating from the default template.  Acknowledge the warning and the changes will be instantaneous!

Hope this helps!

UPDATE: For SharePoint 2013, use the same behavior but locate the object inside of

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  1. I tried your solution but it won’t work. I changed the Navigate URL in v4.master, but nothing happened. After changing the v4.master my code looks so:

    What did i do wrong? Do you have any hint for me?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Sorry, i forgot the code:

      SharePoint:SPLinkButton runat=”server” NavigateUrl=”http://[Our Homepage Name]/”

      1. Not sure, is the v4.master file still checked out (needs to be checked in)? Is your site using v4.master as the master page? Can’t think of anything immediately that would prevent that change from working…

    1. Content inside of an element cannot be changed using CSS, with the exception of ::before and ::after pseudo-elements, but that still doesn’t “change” the text, it just adds to it before or after respectively. It’s also going to be a hit and miss with regards to IE’s acceptance of psuedo-elements. You would need to use JavaScript to locate the element, then change the text if you don’t want to use the masterpage route.

      1. Thank you for the very quick reply. Would you happen to know the specific JS to apply? I am unable to affect changes to the Master Page.

        1. This is a sample intended for SharePoint 2013 I modified, I haven’t tried it on SharePoint 2010 but it’s worth a shot. Make sure you set the custom master page urls below correctly or it will look odd:

  2. Hi Eric,
    your post helped me a lot, but I still have a little Problem. Below my Homepage are several pages like http://sharepoint/1 and http://sharepoint/2 … How can I configure that i always get the root page independendly wehere I am.
    For example: I’m on sharepoint/1 and I want to go back to sharepoint/. (without /1) by clicking on the Site logo.
    Can’t Access the Pages with SPD. Have to Edit the files with Notepad. Reason unknown Get always “unexpected Resonse from the Server.”.

    1. The simplest suggestion would be forcing all child sites to inherit the parent master page, that’s how I handled it at my current company. You can go to the site collection home page, and in site settings choose master page, then check the box to force all child sites to inherit.

      There are some cases where folks have unique master pages for child sites. In that case I would suggest either manually changing each unique master page and forcing those child objects to inherit, or perhaps write a bit of javascript that looks for the “onetidProjectPropertyTitleGraphic” id and changes the navigateURL value to your actual site. This situation isn’t common, but it does happen.

  3. I was asked by the executives to make the site logo go back to the home page on a new SP 2010 Intranet I am making for them I couldn’t figure it out. I found your blog and awesome! Great simple solution. Thanks for posting it.

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