Chilly morning catfish

Chilly morning catfish

DateTempWater tempPressureSolunarConditions
10/24/2022 6:00am57.5°59°29.95Excellent all dayClear

Today was the first day of the season where the highs/lows were actually seasonal. 57° overnight low, 70° high. Beautiful! Although catfish are supposed to slow down and effectively hibernate when water temps drop below 61°, I’ve caught them in October before, even November, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

I managed to get both lines in the water right at 6am, one with raw shrimp and one with corn. The winds were steady at ~15mph and the sun wasn’t up yet, so a bit chilly. It was difficult to see any line activity, so until I could get the automatic rod holders in the ground I relied on bells on the rod tips. Sunrise was 6:40am, and by 6:30am I could turn off my headlamp and lantern. I started seeing line activity, but it was difficult to determine if it was the wind blowing the line around or a fish was tugging on the bait. Finally at 6:36am my line with corn went off. The fish put up a modest fight then gave up until it got to shore, then got a second wind and tried to toss himself off the hook. I got the net under him in time though, and he turned out to be a juvenile channel catfish. 15″, 1.34lb.

I stayed until 8am, but the rest of the trip was filled with big hits, rod holders going off left and right, but the fish would immediately drop off. Still a great trip in my opinion!

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