One of each please

One of each please

DateTempWater tempPressureSolunarConditions
9/11/2022 6:00 am82°82°30.00Excellent in AM/PMClear

It’s been a hot and rainy summer, and with my fuzzy little fishing buddy’s health slowly getting worse my opportunities to go fishing in the mornings are limited. Today happened to be a good day, high on the solunar calendar, mild temperature before sunrise, clear skies, calm winds. Things started out at our usual location quiet, the first hour has a few small bites on both lines, but no actual hits. We moved to another well-known area of the pond, gave it another hour, but nothing. There were times we’d see fish splashing around in shallow areas, jumping out of the water, I’d move a line in that area and nothing. After moving the fish would continue splashing in the same area! Awful.

Finally we moved to a narrow passage of water near where Lauri has had luck in the past. I switched from a Carolina rig to a float rig with a single small split shot weight and a #8 hook instead of a #4 set to ~18″ deep. Lots of little hits from panfish, then within 15 minutes as I was about to bring the line in to check it I got a big hit from a channel catfish! Still a juvenile at 16″ and 1.47lb, but was a nice burst of excitement and fight in an otherwise slow morning. As you can see here, he was about the same length as Princey, who was completely passed out asleep during the whole thing!

Once I got that one back in the water, I reloaded with shrimp this time, same rig, and kept getting lots of hits from the little fish. Within 15 minutes I caught a 6″, 1/2 lb bluegill. No pictures or video of this one, just a relatively young, adult bluegill.

So overall a success. Two fish in the span of 30 minutes. They were still biting and jumping when we left, but Princey was getting hot and quite frankly so was I. We’ll try again in a week or two.

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