Update to Fishing blog

Update to Fishing blog

For years now my fuzzy little fishing buddy and I would go on weekly trips to the lake or pond and “catch the feesh” as I would tell him, and he would get all excited, dance around and start whimpering. He loved going fishing, even if it just meant dangling there from my chest harness and sleep while I caught the fish. He just loved to be there.

Unfortunately on Monday October 3rd 2022 we had to say goodbye to my little fishing buddy. After a long battle with chronic kidney failure, tracheomalacia and seizures, his time had come and he passed peacefully. He will be deeply missed, and this has been a difficult week for both my wife and I as we gathered up his things around the house and tried to move on.

Those of you who walk frequently around Evelyn Hallman Pond in Tempe, AZ no doubt have seen my buddy and I sitting on the North end waiting for catfish. Many of you have said hi as you were exercising or stopped and talked for a bit, and we appreciated every encounter. He loved hearing the conversation, sensing the other dogs, even getting treats from some of you. The next time you are passing by you will only see me sitting there. Fishing won’t be quite the same without him, but I’ll work hard at trying to catch all of the big “feesh” for him.

Thank you Princey, my fuzzy little fishing buddy, for making fishing even more fun than it already is. While you are now free of all of your issues and disorders, you will be missed. Rest well.

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