Tempe Town Lake doesn’t disappoint

Tempe Town Lake doesn’t disappoint

DateTempWater tempPressureSolunarConditions
11/20/2021 12:00pm78°65°30.03Excellent 12p-3pClear

My daughter Kira decided to join my fuzzy little fishing buddy and I for a trip to Tempe Town Lake today. Solunar data shows peak times are 6am, then 12p-3p, so since she’s not an early riser we opted for the afternoon shift. We chose to go for Catfish or Carp since we’re going when the air and water temps were higher. Bait for today was cured hot dogs, corn and cured chicken livers dusted with garlic powder.

We set up camp on the North side of the lake, under the Northbound Mill Ave. bridge. We tossed all four lines about 10 yards out near the bridge struts, but keeping about a yard or so away from them. Without a place to put up the automatic rod holders, we rested the rods against the concrete wall. Within 10 minutes one rod literally jumped against the wall from a fairly big hit. The line pulled out a little but stopped. I brought the line in and the bait was gone. Once re-baited and dropped in relatively the same spot, 5 minutes later another line had a big hit. I set the hook and the fish put up a decent fight. I ended up bringing in an 18″, 1.96lb Channel Catfish. Kira helped with the net and tape measure.

No other activity today except a bunch of snags, even the guy next to us kept getting snagged. Still a beautiful day, light breeze, caught at least one fish…perfect trip.

Video of the catch is available here

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