Window 10 TP Build 9926 – Tablet Mode

Window 10 TP Build 9926 – Tablet Mode

I wanted to mention something I noticed when powering up my Surface Pro running Windows 10 TP Build 9926 this morning….Tablet Mode.  Down in the Notification section, click the icon and notice there is an option at the bottom for Tablet Mode:


Click or tap and your desktop will immediately change, shrinking the size of the Cortana box, realigning your icons, and altering your Start screen to look more like the Metro 8.1 layout



To change things back, just click on the Notifications icon and select Tablet Mode again to return things to the way they were.  Personally, I think it’s a cool feature, but not very practical for me since I use the Surface Pro as my primary dev machine more than a tablet.  I can see the benefit for tablet users, however.

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